Welcome to Riding Light

Welcome to riding light. My name is John. I just recently bought this website ( Since it expired)

It was a shame to let it go to waste. Previously this site was something that allowed new and old writers to share their work. Since I do not have the time to currently swift through submissions I will be posting my on original work, amazing works I find.

This site will also be used as my personal blog.

I would love to  feature works on ridinglight as was previously done, but I’ll need help. Technical help to set everything up, and volunteer readers. If you’re interested in joining in on this project please email me.

Car Insurance Companies. Beware This Man!

// So someone submitted this really funny tale, decided to share it! // Name is anonymous by request!

I went on a date a few months ago. With someone my friend set me up with. I should have known not to trust her opinion really. She is the same friend who once, in her early 20’s, dated a 50-year-old fairground worker with no teeth. And is currently dating a man who routinely disappears off to the desert to ‘find things to sell’ or something equally legit sounding.

But times were tough. So, no judgement. Anyway, we went to dinner. He was erm…a unique character? To say the least. First of all, he was late to meet me because his car doesn’t start if it’s been raining outside. Which, in England, is a slight problem.

Secondly, despite the fact that he had eventually driven to the date, he proceeded to order 4 Jagerbombs as a pre dinner drink.

Thirdly, whether it was out of nerves or he was trying to be funny. He spent the entire dinner regaling me with tales of his driving exploits. Which included, having to take his driving test 9 times! And a fun game he likes to play on the roads called ‘let’s see how late I can leave it to brake’ which, as far as I could tell, involves driving as close as possible behind something before slamming on the brakes.

Other fun anecdotes included the time he drove into a pedestrian square narrowly missing a family of 5 because ‘it used to be a car park’ and the time he drove into the middle of a field of cows because his satnav told him to turn left.

Needless to say, he didn’t get a second date, and as I watched him drive off into the night, he promptly drove around a roundabout in the wrong direction.

So to all of the car insurance companies out there, be very careful who you offer insurance to.

Oh, and he also made me contribute about $50 towards all of the Jagerbombs I didn’t drink. Now I think I’ll buy some full coverage insurance since I need more protection; there’s too many crazy drivers lol.. P.S full coverage car insurance is this: http://www.autoinsurancemonkey.com/how-to-get-cheap-full-coverage-auto-insurance/ in case you don’t know

I Took Out an Emergency Payday Loan and it Wasn’t a Nightmare

Like many of you reading this. I have a good job, my own home. I don’t have a tonne of savings, but I get by pretty well.

I used to hear about payday loan horror stories and think ‘god, those people are so stupid’ how could anyone think it was a good idea to purposefully owe money to a group of people that are regularly referred to as ‘sharks’?

But then one-day last year, I got a phone call. My Grandfather, who lived in Australia had had a heart attack. I was devastated. We had had a really good relationship and had stayed close over the years despite the distance. He had made it to the hospital in time but was in need of a triple heart bypass. I knew I had to get over there to see him before he went in for the surgery. I would never have forgiven myself if anything happened and I’d missed out on the chance to say goodbye.

As I said before, I didn’t really have any savings put by. And what I did have wasn’t enough for a last minute trip to the other side of the world. So I put aside my prejudices and looked up loans places near me.

I don’t know what I was expecting. A dodgy man in an alleyway with a suitcase of cash probably. But the whole thing felt like it was dealt with very professionally. The loans company were friendly, understanding. And, to be fair to them. Did make the terms very clear, and seemed keen for me to be sure I could pay it back.

Yes, it was an expensive way to get extra money. I was one of the few fortunate enough to be able to repay in full when I returned after a few short weeks. Even so, it cost me a few hundred extra dollars. But it was also the only way to get the money I needed for my ticket in time. And I wouldn’t have missed out on going for anything.

Has it changed my mind about payday loans? Not entirely, I still believe that lenders prey on the vulnerable and that they’re too open to abuse. However, I will admit they do serve a purpose and receive a lot of, sometimes unjust, bad press.

P.S Site I used to find loans I here: http://www.financeflamingo.com/payday-loans-near-me/