Cheap Car Insurance No Deposit Saved My Life

How Did Cheap Car Insurance With No Deposit Save My Life?

I was really excited about the start of this new year, as I was certain that I would encounter many great opportunities. The year started out with lots of good things happening for me but quickly, everything started to go wrong.

Where should I start? I got a new job towards the end of the year and was extremely excited about that until my car broke down on me. I was in a hard place because I didn’t have enough money for the repairs and to be honest, I was hoping it would last me until the end of the year. Not only did I find myself without transportation, I had no other way to work. There was only one other person from my job that lived near me and we worked totally opposite schedules. Therefore, hitching a ride was not an option. I really wanted to purchase a new vehicle but I didn’t have enough money saved for that either.

I called off work three days out of last month and was written up twice for being late. Something had to give and I had no idea what I could do. Every car loan I applied for was denied and getting a co-signer was not an option. Finally, I had made the decision that it would be better for me to resign from my job than to be terminated. At least that would look better on my record. I finally worked up the nerve to go in and talk to my senior manager and let him know that I would regretfully have to leave my new position which I loved dearly. It took him by complete surprise and totally didn’t expect this news. To my surprise, the next words he spoke would save my job.

Ernie, my senior manager said that he valued my work ethics and skills and really didn’t want to lose me as an employee. He then informed me that he and his wife had just bought their son a new car for college and I could have the old car as soon as I purchased the insurance. I wanted to hug him but had to compose myself. If only he knew the major impact he just made on my existence. My next move was to find cheap car insurance with no deposit because I now have a car but still have very little money saved. I found my insurance company by googling; what is the cheapest car insurance. Found a great company here:

This experience was an eye-opener and forced me to take a different approach towards saving money. I will be prepared the next time something unexpected happens because the idea of losing my job was devastating.