Used Cars for Sale

Mom, Dad, and Used Cars for Sale

I told my parents I was in the market for a new car. It happened in some random conversation that was just idle chit chat. Well, at least I thought it was. Apparently, they thought it was an invitation to take me car shopping.

They showed up at my house bright and early on a Saturday morning. I wasn’t even out of my pajamas yet when I opened the door to see the two of them excitedly standing on my porch. “Uh, what are you guys doing here?” I asked as I pulled my robe around myself.

“We’re taking you to all the used car dealerships within 20 miles of here!” my mom said as she rushed into my kitchen. My dad just smiled and nodded. It was going to be a long day.

When it comes to used cars, my mom and dad are kind of champions. They’ve never bought a new car in their life, partially because they’re really frugal and partially because they enjoy the challenge. So, I knew this was more than a trip to look for used cars for sale. This was a chance for them to share their wisdom. And I was ready.

We headed out about a half hour later and worked at a breakneck pace. Seriously, we went to ten different dealers by lunchtime, all of which my mom found online here: My dad, unsurprisingly, had a map that plotted out the shortest path so we could see as many as possible. My mom was convinced she could get a feeling about a place if it was worth looking at. There were about 5 places that we got out of the car at and, before we even took ten steps, my mom would be like, “Let’s get back in the car. This isn’t it.”

For all their craziness, I have to say, I learned a lot. Not only that but we found a car! It was a great deal, low mileage, great interest rate, and my dad even talked them into knocking a few hundred dollars off the price.

Even though the day started with me being a little skeptical and maybe even annoyed that I had to spend the day with my mom and dad looking at cars, I have to admit, it worked out really well. I couldn’t be happier with the car we found and we didn’t even get into a single argument. Next thing we did was start looking for some very cheap car insurance no deposit. I found a really good deal on this website: After getting my cheap car insurance no deposit I was all set to drive my car!